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Everything we make is in small ​batches only!  

We begin with 72% dark and white fair-trade Belgian chocolate. 

  Tempering by hand and using all natural flavors in our crafting, we even blend our own milk chocolate! 

For luscious hand-rolled and formed chocolates:

Yummy ​Pomegranate g​anache in 72% dark.

Amazing coconut ganache in milk chocolate rolled in toasted coconut.

Raspberry ganache in dark chocolate enrobed in white chocolate with dried freeze raspberry garnish.

Vanilla buttercream enrobed in dark chocolate with white chocolate drizzled on top.

Our Current Flavors!

Check back every month to not miss out on new flavors and delights!

72% Dark Chocolate Bark

Nutritious AND Delicious!

 72% dark chocolate bark with cashews, almonds and cranberry. Perfect energy while on the move or relaxing with friends!

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Pretzel Bark

Crunchy, creamy, salty and sweet..our pretzel rounds filled with 72% dark or our milk with toffee bits are sure to please!  Amazing on their own or with your favorite beverage!

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Chocolate Caramel

"Luscious, rich, crunchy, chewy edge line in the brownie pan.  All the wonderful chocolate intensity with no dishes to clean!" - Christine

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Vanilla Caramel

Our vanilla caramels crafted with a 100+ year old family recipe will make you swoon!  

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  Dulce De Leche in Milk!

Handcrafted Dulce De Leche milk ganache, piped into our Milk shells, dipped in our milk chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top this hard to resist delight!

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 Black Currant : Sweetened with a touch of unfiltered honey from Maine!

​  We begin with black currants, blending their juice into our fair- trade Belgian 72% dark ganache with a touch of pure, sweet, unfiltered honey, then piping that into our fair trade white chocolate shell.  Lovingly dipping them in another layer of the same beautiful white chocolate and complete with our all natural, hand piped decoration.

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Rose in 72% Dark Chocolate 

The true, organic essence of Rose is  blended with 72% Dark chocolate ganache and then encased in more of our luxurious 72% dark.  A true treat for all your senses.

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We're back!~Mango in White 

Fresh Mango blended with white chocolate and encased in our luxurious white.

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Fresh Caramel in Milk

This tasty treat is our amazing caramel en-robed in our blended milk chocolate. 

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  Coffee Bean in 72% Dark

Coffee lovers rejoice!  Using the deep, rich flavor of a decadent, dark Vienna Roast with our luscious 72% Dark Chocolate equals an experience NOT to be missed. 

*My thanks to Deadly Grounds Coffee out of Norwalk, CT for supplying the Dark Mountain Roast used in this delight!

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Vanilla Buttercream in 72% Dark Chocolate 

Fresh made Vanilla Buttercream  encased in our luxurious dark and striped with White Chocolate.

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Maple in White

Fresh maple cream in a white chocolate shell, hand dipped in more while chocolate and finished with a touch of Maple Sugar.

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Peanut butter Bon Bon -  We'll be back soon!

 (Contains Wheat)

Peanut butter ganache,  dipped in milk chocolate and covered in ground peanuts. 

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Hand rolled coconut dough, dipped in milk chocolate, and rolled in coconut flakes. 

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Smore's -We'll be back soon!

(Contains Wheat)

Toasting real marshmallows, piped into a dark chocolate shell, hand dipped in more dark chocolate, then rolled in graham crackers. 

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Strawberry in Milk

Made with real de-seeded strawberries in our milk chocolate blend. 

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Almond Ganache Hand-dipped in Milk with a sliver of almond! 

Milk chocolate almond ganache, hand dipped in milk chocolate, with a sliver of almond as garnish.

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 Maple Walnut -We're back!

Maple ganache, dipped in white chocolate, with a sprinkle of walnuts on top.

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  72% Dark Raspberry hand dipped in white

All natural raspberry ganache hand dipped in a luscious white chocolate and garnished with freeze dried raspberry. 

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Mixed Berries in Milk - We'll be back soon!

Fresh berries blended and encased in our luxurious milk chocolate.  Garnished with crushed freeze dried berry.

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Classic Truffle

Our classic is to die for. A 72% dark chocolate truffle with a mouth watering  chocolate ganache.

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Dark Cherry and Pistachio 

Milk chocolate cherry/pistachio ganache, hand dipped in white chocolate, with a bit of dried cherry and pistachio nut as garnish.

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Hazelnut - Back soon!

Hazelnut ganache in milk chocolate. Hand-dipped and topped with a pinch of hazelnut.

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 Amaretto & Fig  - Back soon!

Amaretto and a true fig milk chocolate ganache within our milk chocolate shell, lovingly finished with an accent of white chocolate. 

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Mango in 72% Dark Chocolate -We'll be back!

Fresh Mango blended with white chocolate and encased in our luxurious dark.

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